Ejsing Andefarm Aps. v/ John Pedersen
Skivevej 83
7830 Vinderup (Dänemark)
Tel: +45 97 44 62 38 | Fax: +45 97 44 63 88
Privat: +45 97 44 11 08 | Mobil: +45 20 32 66 91

John Pedersen breeds 300,000 conventional ducks per year near Vinderup. He has taken care of the operation since 1969 and through the years he has expanded the production to it is today, one of the countrys largest. Farm land, which once belonged to the farm, has been sold and today, John and his wife live in a separate home in the town of Vinderup. Their three adult cildren no longer live at home.

Aalykke Andefarm v/ Kaj Jepsen
Kiersvej 2
7451 Sunds (Dänemark)
Tel: +45 97 14 32 40 | Fax: +45 97 14 32 00 | Mobil: +45 20 83 32 40
Mail: aalykkeandefarm [AT]
Henrik privat Adresse
Kiersvej 4
7451 Sunds (Dänemark)
Mobil: +45 20 11 82 42
Mail: hnmadsen [AT]

Kaj Jepsen and Henrik Madsen are the people behind Aalykke Farm, who together have more than 40 years' experience with conventional duck breeding. Kaj and Henrik produces 150.000 ducks per year on Aalykke Duck Farm, and simultaneously cultivate potatoes on the 400 hectares acreage and they alse have 40 suckler cows with calves around the farm. Kaj is married to canteen manager, Grethe, and together they have two adult children. Henrik and Hanne, who are lower secondary school teachers, have a little two-year old boy.

Martin Daasbjerg
Fjordbakken 9 Handbjerg
7830 Vinderup (Dänemark)
Tel: +45 97 44 17 04 | Mobil: +45 40 76 27 88
Mail: martind [AT]

Vestergård is located in Handbjerg by the Limfjord. This is where Martin and Birte Daasbjerg breed all the organic ducks for Dansk And. They breed approximately 100,000 ducks per year and all the ducks have ample opportunity to grub in the water hole and to get good vitamins from weeds, grasses and insects. Martin is also a director in Dansk And, and the anchorman of the company's product development and operation. The farm also cultivates organic potatoes and corn.

Heine Hyldahl
Vorslundevej 42
7323 Give (Dänemark)
Tel: +45 75 64 86 77
Mail: heineh [AT]

In the vicinity of Give, Heine Hyldahl runs one of the largests duck productions with about 250,000 ducks per year. The production is divided between two farms and Hein personallly participates in the daily operation together with his two full-time employees. Added to this is 170 hectares land where Heine cultivates potatoes, wheat and barley. Heine lives with his wife, Linda, who works in Horsens and together they have a little daughter, Laura.

Broholm Aps. v/ Ryan Andersen
Faurskovvej 4
8370 Hadsten (Dänemark)
Tel: +45 86 98 00 54 | Mobil: +45 61 54 80 54
Mail: info [AT] og broholm [AT]

Langelund Fjerkræ Aps. v/ Lars Holger Andersen
Kølkærvej 50
7400 Herning (Dänemark)
Tel: +45 97 11 96 27 | Mobil: +45 40 15 96 27

Near Herning, Langelund Fjerkræ and Lars Holger Andersen produce about 100,000 ducks per year. Duck breeding is in his blood and goes almost fifty years back in the family. Lars took over the production from his father in 1994. Lars lives on a farm nearby together with his wife, who is a social worker, and their two children. Langelund Fjerkræ also produces 450.000 chicks per year and wheat and barley are cultivated on the fields.

Rugeriet Højbo Aps. v/ Hans Christophersen
Hårevej 15
5560 Årup (Dänemark)
Tel: +45 64 49 16 66 | Mobil: +45 40 16 69 66
Mail: hojbo [AT]
Lars Christophersen
Tel: +45 64 88 26 66 | Mobil: +45 20 68 13 66
Mail: hojbo [AT]

The life of all our ducks at Dansk And begin at Denmarks only hatchery for commercial ducks at Lars Christophersens farm in Aarup on Funen. The hatchery has existed for almost fifty years and four years ago, Hans took over the production from his father. Together with his wife, Lars runs the hatchery and they ensure that the ducklings are transported to the producers on the same day as they are hatched. From the middle of November until the end of December the hatchery is transformed into Christmas tree production for export.